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Victor Swedish Open
Victor Swedish Open

Count down

Victor Swedish Open is fast approaching!

We are very happy that we once again have a meeting place of great dimensions in the IFU Arena in Uppsala where badminton enthusiasts from all over Sweden will gather.
Here you book your tickets for the badminton party 18-21 January: https://secure.tickster.com/.../7xrjrz.../selectproductgroup Länk till annan webbplats.:

Tilda Sjöö is one of the Swedish stars who participates. "I'm really looking forward to playing on home ground again. It's always a great event and last year we had really good support from the stands from family and friends. So of course we're hoping for that backing again. Last year we reached the semifinal so the goal is definitely to be able to defend that third place but hopefully with an even better result! I hope that there will be a lot of spectators this year as well, that many clubs will choose to come to Uppsala and see really good badminton and also cheer on us Swedes.”

Publicerad: 2024-01-15

Senast uppdaterad: 2024-01-15