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Victor Swedish Open
Victor Swedish Open

The Club initiative a success

Victor Swedish Open, here we go! Over 30 badminton clubs are gathering in Uppsala and Victor Swedish Open.

"There are more registered badminton clubs and pre-bookings than in previous years, says Claes Johansson, Badminton Sweden. This indicates a great interest from our clubs in participating in this type of event."
Only one week left and we can happily state that over 900 tickets have been booked for Saturday and Sunday. "It is very positive, and there is also a great geographical coverage, as well as in terms of the size of the clubs. A total of 31 associations from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north are among those registered. Claes notes that this has been achieved despite a considerably smaller budget than in previous years, when Badminton Sweden could not rely on restart funds as previously. "Furthermore, there are many clubs that have not joined our club initiative before, so we are very happy to see them participating. We wish all club representatives welcome to Uppsala and the IFU Arena next weekend."

Publicerad: 2024-01-11

Senast uppdaterad: 2024-01-15