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Victor Swedish Open
Victor Swedish Open

Equality and Sustainability

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The Swedish Open in badminton has ”Equality” and ”Sustainability” as our key words.

In the sport of badminton, we are proud of our way of promoting and prioritizing equality. Gender equality, that women and men have the same rights, obligations and opportunities in all areas of life, is one of the world’s most important global goals.

It is also important for us to strive for sustainable development, both socially, ecologically and economically. As a sport, we want to draw attention in various ways, that basic human rights are a must, keeping resources in place for the future generations is a must and combating poverty is a must.

Below are some examples of sustainability aspects that Swedish Open is working on:

– Zero environmental impact on Transports (Bus as existing transport network from / to Arlanda and Uppsala Central Station). Walking distance between arena and hotel.
– Solar energy drives the arenas and charging stations are available for electric and hybrid cars.
– The Arena Hotel is environmental labeled with the international Green Key (1)
– Locally produced food in our restaurants and local drinking water, pure Swedish water
– Equal distribution of the number of players in the different categories and 100% equal share-out of prize money
– Sustainability theme for exhibitors in both arena and hotel

1) Green Key is an international environmental -label for visitor and tourist facilities and is found in over 50 countries around the world. The label is operated internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which is supported by some of the world’s leading environmental and education organizations such as UNEP, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization. Today, there are about 150 Green Key-labeled facilities in Sweden.

Welcome to contribute to an equal and sustainable future.

Publicerad: 2023-01-31

Senast uppdaterad: 2023-01-31